Fish-Gloabl Read Aloud (GRA)

This year we have done a reading organisation called the Global Read Aloud. In this we connected with another school around the world and read the same book. We connected with a school in Arizona in America. The book we read was fish. I saw the book in the library and thought that it would be good for the Global Read Aloud, but others wouldn’t like it. When we started reading the book I thought that it was a good book. Towards the end it just got better. If I could rate this book I would give it 4 stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Out of 5. Why not 5? Because I felt it held back information and kept you on the edge of your seat but gave you no indication of loads off the awnsers which made it not as exiting. It was a very descriptive story of a boy who helped save a fish before he left his town for his home town. It was adventurous and has a lot of danger and excitement in it. This s book was a very good book, and I reckon you will like it. It’s called Fish by L.S Mathews and you will totally enjoy it.

Happy Fødselsdagen To Me

Today is my birthday. Happy birthday to me. You may have noticed that I have written happy fødselsdagen in the title. fødselsdagen means birthday in Danish. I am currently in Denmark. I hope the soccer game today goes well good luck boys. I am having a great time. I am keeping journal and will post that when I get back. I am having a great time seeing cool cars and having fun. I hope you guys are having fun as well.  I bumped into a friend from grade 2 in Paris. Incredible. Hope everything is ok back in Melbourne. Has it been cold?

Leadership Words

Leadership Words

Open minded
Consider options

imageimageimageimageShadowsLast week we had a science experiment where we traced our shadows, wrote the time the did it again one hour later to show the difference between the two. We traced both shadows in the same spot so we would not have to take two seperate sections.

This experiment is to prove that the Sun’s rays are in lines and they change. They change when the Earth rotates. Although this is already proven the experiment is fun and helps you learn about the Sun’s rays.

Why not try this at home yourself, all you need is a bright day and some chalk.

Diamanté Poem

At school today we had to create some diamanté poems.this one below is my favourite one that I created. Diamanté poems are a form of Japanese poetry. They are often about nature or a special moment in life. I did mine on cars. In a diamanté poem you need to have 5 syllables on the first line, 7 on the second and 5 on the third.

Here is my Diamanté poem. Enjoy.Diamanté Poem

What went well this week

What went well this week at school. At school this week I had lots of fun playing interschool sport. In the first half we played a scrappy game. At half time in was a nill all draw. In the second half we came back stronger than ever, booting 5 goals into the back of the net. Including one of mine. I have been waiting the entire season to score a goal. Finally I was able to get one into the back of the net.

APPS Blogging Guidelines

What are APPS guidelines on blogging?

Internet safety is highly important to Apollo Parkways Primary School. These guidelines have been established to ensure students learn about appropriate online behaviours through a ‘real’ and engaging experience.

Here are the blogging guidelines at A.P.P.S


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